About Emerge Dance Co

Emerge Dance Co. got it’s name from the inspiration that young emerging artists give to the world. We are constantly looking for our dancers to step outside their comfort zone; to take risks. We believe through collaboration, hard work, and integrity, we can achieve the growth and development of young dancers. We will work as a team to create a welcome atmosphere while holding our dancers to a high standard that will teach them responsibility and professionalism. We will learn together that what you put into the universe directly impacts what your outcomes will be.

Emerge staff and students will work together to create a strong team mentality. We strive to become part of the local and dance community. With our mentorship program we pair experienced dancers with younger ones to help support our growing team and encourage a passion for the arts.


Working as a team to create a welcoming atmosphere for all dancers.

Hard Work

Whatever you put in the universe, is what you get out of it.


Our dancers will be held to a high standard that will teach them professionalism.