Technique is an important part of dance. It is the foundation for all successful dancers. We will work weekly to help your dancers build strength and improve on technique in each class.


At Emerge we focus on having well-rounded dancers. We pull our ballet technique from the Vaganova method which focuses on understanding human anatomy and building strength while minimizing injury


Inspired by the amazing Bob Fosse, this dance style encompases a show quality nessecary for all competition dancers.There is an emphasis on impressive tricks, such as leaps, flips and turns and moments where the movement is a very literal interpretation of the lyrics.


This style of dance gives our dances the chance to show off their musicality. Tap is all about counting and following the music.


This style of dance pulls from classical techniques and is a blend of multiple dance styles. More interpretive in nature, this style of dance allows freedom of expression.


Our dancers will have a safe and fun time learning acrobatic arts from a trained gymnastics coach. Focusing on form and technical foundation, giving your dancer the ability to perform a wide variety of tricks.


Working as a team to create a welcoming atmosphere for all dancers.

Hard Work

Whatever you put in the universe, is what you get out of it.


Our dancers will be held to a high standard that will teach them professionalism.